Burning Brush Artworks - Artist Johnny Micheel
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Chickadee Slumber
Chickadee Slumber
10 x 20 in. Oil on canvas
Dall Sheep Vista
Dall Sheep Vista 28 x 14 in. Oil on canvas
Painting started for me in a small town classroom in Lewiston, Minnesota. An excellent high school art teacher helped me discover an interest in painting, and it has grown from that time on. Later, I attended college at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point where I pursued a degree in Forestry. I diversified my class schedule by attending art sessions and later took up an art minor. My focus throughout most of those years was wildlife art, but I eventually transitioned to the subject of fire.

Serving both as a wildland firefighter and prescribed fire manager over those years has given me the knowledge needed to translate my fire experiences into art. Today, Im fortunate enough to have a career in both fire and forestry, where my work often inspires new painting ideas.

Freedom Fighters
Freedom Fighters
30 x 48 in. Oil on Canvas
I want to say thanks to all those who have influenced and supported my art career. Without your help and support none of this would have been possible!
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Rocky Mountain Bighorn
Rocky Mountain Bighorn 16 x 38 in. Oil on canvas
Red Skies
Red Skies 96 x 16 in. Oil on canvas